our lasProper hair care steps from OUR LASH

Compared with skin care, hair care is relatively simple now. Basically, the routine is shampoo, conditioner and hair mask. Some delicate friends will use hair care oil or milk during the day, and they will go to the barber’s regularly to have their hair poured.

With the exception of shampooing, OUR LASH don’t recommend any hair care steps.

Hair conditioner or, hair film or, hair care oil nursing milk or, professional hair salon pour film or, all of these money can be saved.

Why is that?

We should first understand what we want to nurse the hair is composed of.

The layers of hair from outside to inside are called scales, pelicles, and medulla.

Scales: The outermost layer of hair, often called the “scales”, consisting of overlapping thin, transparent epidermal keratinocytes. Protects fur and determines hair gloss and smoothness.

Pelicles: main body of hair, accounting for 90%, consisting of tightly packed rhomboid keratinocytes, mainly composed of keratin and amino acids. The amount of melanin in this layer and medulla cells determines hair color. The main change in hot dyeing is this layer.

Medulla: Located in the center of the hair, medulla cells are cube shaped and contain large amounts of keratin and melanin.

So, hair is made up of keratinized keratinocytes, and their main component is keratin, which is made up of a variety of amino acids. That’s to say hair is made of “dead” cells and is a protein structure.

Right, everybody should be clear know, the hair that grows epidermis is “dead”.

So, don’t you think it’s ridiculous to talk about how much nutrients are in a conditioner, a hair mask, or an inverted membrane and how easily it can be absorbed? Of course, the most ridiculous is the hair is damaged “be repaired”, excuse me, how is the cell that has died repaired?

Once you have a basic understanding of hair’s death structure, hair care becomes easier:

1. No toss, no toss, no toss. Don’t overdo your skin, don’t overdo your hair.

Straighten and dye hair, it is impossible to have good hair qualitative. Do not believe those after hot repair kind of product, so-called from hair core repair to hair root also listen and then forget, dyed hot place to bring about the damage of the hair structure of complete change, cannot be repaired by chemical products. Hair color, in particular, means replacing all the melanin in the hair, which is the most damaging. Like a roll hair, do once a year. Both curling and straightening can cause damage by forcibly changing the natural arrangement of keratin in hair, so give hair enough time to repair itself.

2. The correct hair cleaning method:

Clean properly. Practical advice: please try to prolong the interval time of washing hair, personal advice every 3 to 4 days clean once.

When there is dirt in your hair or scalp, just clean it off. But don’t wash your hair twice a day just because the business says so. Hair is the same as face. Never, ever over clean your hair. Wash my hair every day, especially the extensive use of clean power is too strong of surfactant can severely damage the scalp barrier, lead to the scalp corneous layer is destroyed, the sebaceous glands secretion disorder, or even cause skin inflammation, these skin changes, makes hair root hypoplasia cannot lead to loss of hair tightly attached to the hair follicles, and so it is difficult to grow new hair health.

Of course, if you go for a run, climb a mountain, or spend a few days at a hotpot restaurant, do it every day.

3. The correct hair care method:

Please throw away your conditioner and mask, the physiology of hair is different from that of face. In the case of hair, the scales tend to curl slightly once wet because different layers of hair have different water absorption capacities. The upturned scales make us feel rough to the touch, which we don’t like, even though it’s a natural feature of hair. As a result, there is the artificial use of shampoo or hair care products to force the scales closed. The advantage of forced closure is that it feels smooth at the time, but the disadvantage is that the natural properties of the hair are destroyed and the deep fur is more vulnerable to damage.

When do the scales close on their own? When the hair dries, it closes on its own.

Remember the proper hair care process:

Daily maintenance process: comb hair — wet hair scalp — shampoo fully clean (once) — towel as far as possible dry hair moisture — hair dryer dry scalp, hair blown to semi-dry — hair end with compound oil to increase luster and nutrition.

Other than proper hair care, the maintain of scalp is also important to get better hair quality, we’ll talk about this in next articles, please follow OUR LASH (eyelash extensions wholesale china).